Wednesday, April 26, 2017

A Billion Stars ~ One Sonic Society

The new song from One Sonic Society explores the question like what the Psalmist asked, "in comparison to creation, all God has done, what is man?" (I'm paraphrasing, obviously :)

It's really awe-inspiring to think about the God who is above all things, caring for us. Sometimes it's a hard thing to trust in. That's what this song talks about. 

You light up the night
With a billion stars
Surely you'll light my way
When the road gets dark
I will walk by faith
And not by sight
This I know
God is faithful

Happy Listening!

Thursday, April 13, 2017

Capital Lights

I cannot recall now how I found this band, but I really, really, like them!!! I'm not always entirely sure what they're talking about, but hey, Owl City and Relient K don't make sense half the time either. The music is incredible though.

This is a band made up of Christians, but isn't a "Christian" band. Their song "Honey, Don't Jump The Gun" is pretty overtly Christian and deals with God being the one to decide how long we're here on earth. 

But my favorite songs are "Rhythm 'n Moves" & "Say Hey", two of the strangest ones that I have no clue what is being sung about. I just like the music. At the beginning of "Say Hey", it sounds like a pop can opening! Super sweet! (If you're not from the Midwest, that would be soda can.)
I'm going to put the videos to my favorite songs here, and then put the Spotify playlist that has the other songs I like. Because Spotify won't let you just listen to one album (they must interject other songs), it's a pureNRG/Capital Lights playlist. 

Okay, Happy Listening!


Wednesday, April 5, 2017

About A Mile's Sophomore Album

I can not get enough of AAM's sophomore album "Trust You All The Way". Every single song is wonderfully written and performed.   

"TAKING BACK" is all about how the Devil and sin have taken so much from us, but in Christ, we can take it all back. We can take back the truth about ourselves and our past when confronted with lies. We can take back relationships. We can take back what sin has messed up because Christ can redeem it.

Favorite lyrics: 
I'm taking back what the Enemy,
has torn from my life
You can knock me down, I'm gonna get back up,
every single time
I'm taking back 

"TRADED" is one of my favorites. It's all about redemption, what Jesus did for us on the cross. The emphasis focuses all on what He did and contrasts our junk with His grace. Such a great reminder.

Favorite lyrics:
I traded a life of sin, for a life with Him,
I came alive when we switched places,
I traded my brokenness, for holiness,
He took my cross and gave me grace when,
We traded 

 "CALLING YOUR NAME" deals with doubt. When it seems so hard to have faith, AAM wants to you to know that God is still right there. He is standing by your side calling your name.

Favorite lyrics:
Called you out of darkness
Called you into light
Called you by your name
'Cause you are mine

"TRUST YOU ALL THE WAY" is another one of my favorites, although this whole album is just so fantastic! I love the catchy music. The message is easy to say and to sing, but putting it into practice is a day-by-day (sometimes minute-by-minute) struggle.

Favorite lyrics: 

I know what to do
I know what to pray
But sometimes it takes
every ounce of my faith to say

I trust in you, trust in you
when it's hard to say
I trust in you, trust in you
Trust you all the way
I have seen the proof
you always come through
Your promises are true 

"REACH" is also a favorite :) The imagery they start with - sinking like Peter in a raging sea - is something I think a lot of people can get their minds around and even relate to.  It's the image of hitting rock bottom and having nowhere to go but up. And Who is up? Jesus. 

Favorite lyrics: 
I was sinking like Peter in a raging sea
Head under water in way too deep
That's when I heard a voice inside me say
"Look up, help is on the way"

"BORN TO LIVE" asks the question, "What is our purpose? What do our lives mean and why are we here?" My favorite lyrics do a pretty good job of explaining what AAM's answer is. I just finished reading Ecclesiastes and this song I feel like reflects the theme of that book well: live life in the moment because that's all the really has any meaning. It's not the secular YOLO, but the idea is that our achievements don't really mean anything. In the song, they say "make every moment a memory to last".  Enjoy your life. Don't be stupid, but live fully alive. It's hard to explain, but hopefully you understand.
Favorite lyrics:
I'm so sick of wasting time
Living life like I'm half alive
I'm done believing these evil lies
That tell me hopes and dreams have died
I can feel it in the air tonight
Way up above these city lights
 There's a higher calling on all our lives
Let's live to love and not just survive

 "OUTRUN" continues what seems to be a major theme on this album - God is always with us no matter what. That theme is explored in "Calling Your Name" & "Reach" and now again here in "Outrun". I love how intimate this song is. AAM wrote it like God is a friend writing you a note! God is saying, "Hey! We used to be close and I miss you!" I can relate to that feeling. 

Favorite lyrics:

I remember better days
You could hear me saying "I love you"
Before the world got in the way
and stopped my voice from cutting through

 Let's hang out tonight
You're so busy
We can go outside
Stars spinning
I am by your side

"HALLELUJAH" has more themes of redemption. I think we can say that the two major themes are redemption and God's presence always being with us. Anyway, this song is a bit slower and more contemplative than "Traded" but it explores a similar thought - that we were once trapped in our sins, but we have now been redeemed. Hallelujah!
Favorite lyrics:
And I fall down on my knees
and I lift my hands up to ya'
Your grace washes over me
I know I have been made new
And I fall down on my knees
and I lift my hands up to ya'
Every fiber of my being
Singin' hallelujah

"UNDENIABLE" is one of the more rock songs on the album. Another favorite :) In Romans it says, "For since the creation of the world God's invisible qualities - his eternal power and divine nature - have been clearly seen, being understood from what has been made, so that man is without excuse." (Romans 1:20) I'm not sure if this song is based off that verse, but it could be!

*The chameleon analogy is songwriting genius! Love it!*
Favorite lyrics: 

No one can tell me it's not real
'Cause I have the proof a heart can heal
I've been changed from the inside out
and nothing in the world's gonna stop me now
The truth has been revealed

Love unchangable
Not some kind of chameleon
I won't blend with my surroundings
Won't hide this hope that found me

"ALL I NEED" talks about searching. A nice ballad to end the album, this song discuss the fact many of us have known - nothing satisfies the emptiness except God.

Favorite lyrics:

I searched the world to see if I
could find some kind of cure for
The loneliness that lived inside
This heart of mine
But everything seemed to leave me
more empty than before
Now I know the reason why

Thanks for sticking it out! I know this was a long post, but I love this album and wanted to share with you what the songs mean to me. I hope the songs touch you as they have me and draw you closer to God. Happy Listening!