Saturday, March 5, 2016

Changes around here

I have learned more about copyright laws and as a result, I will not be posting songs on this blog that are not put out by the artist or the record company. I went back through all my old posts and made sure that they reflected this new policy. Unfortunately, some songs had to go because I could not find a version on YouTube that was by the artist. So I apologize if you can't find a song that used to be here. 

To give more of an explanation, by the letter of the law, creating a lyric or music video for a song that is not your own original creation, is violating copyright laws. Obviously, this does not get enforced, but I don't want to be involved in anything possibly illegal. Also, I have learned more about the Seventh Commandment and I don't want to be encouraging stealing either. That's why I have the new policy that I do. 

Thanks for visiting my blog and supporting Christian music! 

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