Monday, November 28, 2016

Easier (The Song of the Wisemen) ~ Jason Gray

Jason Gray has an album that tells the story of Christmas in song through different perspectives. This song is from the perspective of the Wise Men. It's a very clever and unique idea, I think.

Happy Listening!

Little Drummer Boy ~ for King & Country

If there is one thing fK&C does really well, it is drums, so this is the perfect song for them. I really like this rendition of Little Drummer Boy. Happy Listening!


Saturday, November 26, 2016

Look A Little Higher ~ JJ Weeks Band

Sometimes trusting God is a minute by minute conscious act. This is especially true if you're walking through dark times. JJ Weeks Band seeks to encourage all of us to continually lay down all of our fears, doubts, and cares at Jesus' feet and look up to the God who is above all and in all. He loves us and cares for us. 

Happy Listening!


Newsboys "Love Riot" // New Album

The Newsboys have a new album. Overall, it's a pretty good collection. You have "Guilty" from God's Not Dead 2, "Crazy" (which you may have heard on the radio), as well as "You Hold It All", another radio song. 

You Hold It All is such a reassuring song. We humans like to have a semblance of control, and then we freak out when it's all "out of control". Maybe then we need the reminder that it's not under our control to begin with :)

Happy Listening!

Saturday, November 19, 2016

Micah Tyler

I was introduced to Micah by Spotify's Discover Weekly playlist. His song "Directions" was on a CD of music associated with God's Not Dead 2. 

Then on the radio, I heard this new song and instantly liked it. But, I had no idea who was singing! Usually, those are the songs they DON'T tell you who the artist is or the song name. This time, however, the nice DJ told me that it was a Micah Tyler song. It's only two songs so far, but I'm really liking this guy's stuff. Happy Listening!

Monday, November 14, 2016

Sunrise ~ The Afters

The Afters have a new album called "Live On Forever" and it's pretty good. By far, my favorite is the song Sunrise. There is so much hope in the lyrics of this song. It's all about looking forward from a dark time to the time when the sun rises again. I feel like there are a lot of songs being written like this right now, but that's a reflection of the state of peoples' hearts at this time and in this place. I know I need to constantly hear the message that God will bring the sunrise. 

Happy Listening!

Monday, November 7, 2016

Rooftops ~ JJ Weeks Band ft. Tedashii

Time to get up and dance! Rooftops is a fun, upbeat song about proclaiming what we as Christians know; namely, Jesus Christ. Happy Listening!

Thursday, November 3, 2016

Welcome Andrew Marcus

I kept hearing this song on the radio and COULD. NOT. figure out who it was! It was driving me crazy. So I recorded part of it on my iPod and then typed the lyrics into the search bar. Voila! A new artist! 

Andrew Marcus reminds me a little of Matt Maher. I've only heard this one song, but his voice and style seem to be similar to Maher. This first single is positive, encouraging, and uplifting. It's a reminder of who our God is and His promises to us. Happy Listening!